Sunday, April 20, 2008

Miyu And Yumi Update...

Hi there fellas..! I know I haven't updated much this lately and to cheer up all the cat lovers out there, here are the latest picture of MiYumi (Miyu + Yumi) ^_^ v

Few months have passed and my kitties are doing very fine! Miyu had changed her personality from a man-eater kitty to a very gentle-but-sometimes-very-annoying-kitty. Before I had Yumi, she likes to bite people a lot and very very naughty! >_<>

As for Yumi, she loves Miyu veryyy much! Every time she goes to Miyu, she'll lick her head. One thing I love about Yumi is watching her cute blurry face. Her mew is so soft and is quite hard to hear her meow compared to Miyu..

In my next entry, I'll post some of their videos. Hope you guys enjoy them ^_^ v

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