Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Your Cat Body Language

Cats usually express their emotion thru the stroke of their tails, posture, ears and even their whiskers. It is also a way to communicate with other cats. Did you know that you can actually understand your cat body language just by looking at their tails? Here's are some of the example

Understanding the meaning of the cat's tail movement
Image credits to : Link

Understanding the meaning of the cat ears
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Understanding the meaning of cat posture
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Whichever your cat is behaving, you need to observe and consider what is happening to the cat and it's environment. For more clearer understanding about the meaning of cat's tail stroke, go to this website - Cat Stuff

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Template Design

Updated the template to utilise my blog space. Credit goes to Se7en and Charmskin for sharing the blog template design. Hope it doesn't burn your eyes, hehe.. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Final Decision...

Hello guys.. I want to update about the kitty that I found last week. Since I posted about it, nobody claimed the kitty and I assume that the owner don't want to have her anymore. I have received some request from people who contacted me that they want to adopt the kitty. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for the deal since my main attention is to reunite the kitty to her previous owner. Plus, I was worried to see Miyu wasn't ready to accept the new kitty in the house. Every time Miyu and the new kitty get close, they will fight vigorously and this worries me a lot. But in my surprise, Miyu and Yumi (the new kitty's name) is quite attached now and I can see Miyu now is more playful than before.

I know some of you are interested to adopt this kitty. I'm deeply sorry that I'm unable to do so since I don't want to separate Miyu from her new friend. I don't want Miyu to feel depressed if I give out Yumi to somebody else. It really sooths me when I see Miyu really take care of Yumi. I don't know how to explain it, but I can feel the bond between them.

So, I've decided to take care Yumi so that Miyu won't feel lonely anymore.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tag, Tagging & Tagged by a Tagger..

What do you miss the most?
My late dad...

What do you do if you meet the person you hate?
Give him/her a cold stare and walk away (pedulik aper aku)

One item you really want?
DMC4 plisss T_T

What do you do if you're talking to a stupid person?
Uhh... ignore them after talking

Last book you read?

The person you're thinking of?
Kamael.. looool

Last gossip you heard?
Male cats mating together-gether O_O?!

Last testimonial from?
High school classmate

Last person to call u?
My mum asking when to go for medical checkup >_>;;

Last person u talked to, about what?
Nazriks, awakkk.. cuci lantai...! *grins*

Last 5 places you've visited today.
  1. my room (sleep, golek2, pengsan and menjahatskan diri)
  2. toilet (staring and gazing room or in malay = bilik termenung)
  3. balcony (send miyu and new kitty to toilet XD)
  4. kitchen (cooked pasta)
  5. garbage room (antar sampah arr, bukan lepak kat sana)

Last text message you received from..
Mama (Awak ok ke tak?) T_T

Last cousins you've met?
Forgot.. seldom meet them

What did you do this weekend?
lawl assignment and watching the L word *blush* and kamael <3

Last person who kissed you?
Err... *stares at Miyu da Ebil Kitty* *blush*

Last person who hugged you?
Mai fruit love <3

Last person who pinched you?
Oso mai fruit love <3>

Last item you bought?
Watermelon juice with no sugar, hot coffee and asam boi

What is the reason you last cried?
I got diarrhea and..... *eii malunyer*

What is your mood now?
BORED wiff ciritt!!! *got diarrhea again for the 3rd time in past week*

Who did you meet 3 days ago?
Classmates.. cats and friends

3 items that are near you?
Hair band, kitty and hp

Who is your hero?
My family

What are your plans for next weekend?
Try to survive this sem

Why are you filling this survey?
I got tagged by Mr Shuun

5 person you are tagging?
  1. To all cat lovers out there!
  2. To all neofeline visitor ^_^v
  3. To all my friends!
  4. To my boipren
  5. last but not least, to all teh kitties!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost and Found

A kitty was spotted at block C3 Cyberia Condo around 5pm on 14/2/08. She's extremely cute and honestly I would have her for myself.. but unfortunately I already have a kitty to raise. I really want to reunite this kitty back with her owner coz she looks uncomfortable and unhappy right now :(... If you're the owner of this lovely kitty, pls pls pls do contact me at


P/S : I might need a verification picture to proof that you're the owner of this kitty. Please help forward this and thanks in advance.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cat Behaviour

Hunting is in my world, dude~

Have your cat ever come to you nibbling with a "special" little present like a dead bird or mouse? Sometimes they even insist you to play with their "fresh food". I'm pretty sure most of you at least had this situation once in your life. There are reasons why cats acted in such a way.

As we all know, cats are predators and we can't really stop our felines from hunting. It's in their genes and it is natural behavior for them to hunt small animals like fish, mice, birds and even cockroaches (eww...). Back to the question just now, there are four possible reasons to answer this
  • Sign of affection or appreciation - your cat probably want to give it to you as a present in a way to thank you for feeding and taking care of him.
  • Sign of power - it might also want to show off that your cat have better skills in mouse hunting and is trying to demonstrate to you.
  • Security - to keep out any outsider from snatching his food, your cat probably want to keep his prey in a safe place where she usually eats.
  • ..... or maybe the cat just trying to make sure that you have fresh food. ^.^;;
So, next time when your cat surprise you with a dead mouse, give him a warm pat to the head before screaming out loud or jump on your dining table.

(=^.^=) v
Bon Apetite !~