Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cat Behaviour

Hunting is in my world, dude~

Have your cat ever come to you nibbling with a "special" little present like a dead bird or mouse? Sometimes they even insist you to play with their "fresh food". I'm pretty sure most of you at least had this situation once in your life. There are reasons why cats acted in such a way.

As we all know, cats are predators and we can't really stop our felines from hunting. It's in their genes and it is natural behavior for them to hunt small animals like fish, mice, birds and even cockroaches (eww...). Back to the question just now, there are four possible reasons to answer this
  • Sign of affection or appreciation - your cat probably want to give it to you as a present in a way to thank you for feeding and taking care of him.
  • Sign of power - it might also want to show off that your cat have better skills in mouse hunting and is trying to demonstrate to you.
  • Security - to keep out any outsider from snatching his food, your cat probably want to keep his prey in a safe place where she usually eats.
  • ..... or maybe the cat just trying to make sure that you have fresh food. ^.^;;
So, next time when your cat surprise you with a dead mouse, give him a warm pat to the head before screaming out loud or jump on your dining table.

(=^.^=) v
Bon Apetite !~

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