Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Final Decision...

Hello guys.. I want to update about the kitty that I found last week. Since I posted about it, nobody claimed the kitty and I assume that the owner don't want to have her anymore. I have received some request from people who contacted me that they want to adopt the kitty. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for the deal since my main attention is to reunite the kitty to her previous owner. Plus, I was worried to see Miyu wasn't ready to accept the new kitty in the house. Every time Miyu and the new kitty get close, they will fight vigorously and this worries me a lot. But in my surprise, Miyu and Yumi (the new kitty's name) is quite attached now and I can see Miyu now is more playful than before.

I know some of you are interested to adopt this kitty. I'm deeply sorry that I'm unable to do so since I don't want to separate Miyu from her new friend. I don't want Miyu to feel depressed if I give out Yumi to somebody else. It really sooths me when I see Miyu really take care of Yumi. I don't know how to explain it, but I can feel the bond between them.

So, I've decided to take care Yumi so that Miyu won't feel lonely anymore.

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